• Iyengar Yoga Convention

    Iyengar Yoga Association of Poland invites you to join Polish Convention with Birjoo Mehta as the teacher
    "How to know I am in āsana". May 17-19th, Kraków

    Iyengar Yoga Convention
  • Iyengar Yoga Convention 2022

    We invite you to the second Iyengar Yoga Convention in 2022. It will be led by Abhijata S. Iyengar on September 9-11. The workshop will be held on-line via Zoom. Registration is in progress.

    Iyengar Yoga Convention 2022

Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar

One of the greatest contemporary yoga teachers. He practiced and taught for over 70 years. He convinced millions of people around the world to practice yoga with the vitality of practice, depth of knowledge and matter-of-fact message.


Iyengar Yoga Polish Convention 2024
15 march 2024
Birjoo Mehta has practiced and assisted Guruji since 1974. Throughout the years he travelled with him around the world. Their guru-śisya relationship led him to deep understanding of yoga and B.K.S Iyengar's approach toward practice. Many of us have already experienced clarity and ingenuity of his teaching. He brings the mind of engineer into yoga philosophy. Since 1987 he has been giving regular classes in Mumbai.

Od czego zacząćWHERE TO START?

You may want to start yoga for many reasons. Maybe you heard it relaxes and calms you down? Because it is said to be good for the spine? Something might have happened in your life, and you need to free your mind from stress? Or maybe you just heard about it from friends and family. The reasons may be many. Yoga is the practice of changing the perspective. For the best experience choose a recommended teacher and classes at a yoga school.

Dla nauczycieliFOR TEACHERS

Yoga according to the Iyengar method, is a complete system in which certified teachers never quit their education.The first teaching level requires at least six years of regular, and supervised practice. Plus up to 280 hours of guided training in a program where candidates study the anatomy, physiology and motor skills of the human body, and the philosophy of yoga in a broad context.Updating the standards and verification of the teachers educational quality according to the method is supervised by national associations, including the Iyengar Yoga Association operating in Poland since 2002.